Squirrel & Rabbit Trapping


Beloved as pets and in public parks respectively, wild rabbits & squirrels can nonetheless do a great deal of damage to their environments. Wild rabbits cause chaos in the countryside, and cost agriculture dearly due to their voracious appetites and readiness to reproduce. Squirrels, meanwhile, can cause a nuisance in both commercial and residential premises – chewing through cables and causing structural damage.They can also threaten forested areas through removal of tree bark, however, neither pest need be a problem when professional rabbit or squirrel control is employed.

For a humane and effective response, contact Danny at Shield Pest Solutions on 07506 691032 or by email.

About squirrel & rabbit control

rabbitWhether it’s rabbits on your land or squirrels in your loft, trapping can be an effective control, providing a proven and humane method of pest removal. Shield Pest Solutions can assist with a trapping regime tailored to your property. For rabbits, gassing or shooting may also be viable – as well as using cages for live catching.

Need to be rid of rabbits, or to solve a squirrel in your loft? Contact Danny at Shield Pest Solutions on 07506 691 032 or by email.

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We aim to protect public health and reduce costly damage to your land or property. Need an exterminator for your pest problem? Contact Danny at Shield Pest Solutions on 07506 691032 or by email. We’ll offer expert advice and a free, no-obligation site survey.



Our service isn’t just about ridding your land or property of pests. We also offer a range of pest prevention services to ensure the problem doesn’t return. This may include proofing potential entrance points to your property, and laying traps. For more on this aspect of our pest services, please get in touch.



With over 25 years’ experience in pest control and the food industry, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. Shield Pest Solutions also offers quotes on a fixed-fee basis, meaning you’ll never pay more than intended. As pest control experts, we also boast the Royal Society of Public Health & British Pest Control Association Level 2 qualification.


Areas Covered

Shield Pest Solutions offers pest control throughout North & West Yorkshire. We specifically cover the following cities, towns & villages:

Knaresborough | Harrogate | Leeds | York | Ripon | Thirsk | Otley | Ilkley | Boroughbridge | Wetherby | Tadcaster | Collingham | Harewood | Boston Spa | Spofforth | Sicklinghall | Pateley | Bridge | Follifoot | Pool | Addingham | Yeadon | Seacroft | Bramham | Allwoodley | Kirk Hammerton | Kirk Deighton | Northallerton | Headingley | Moortown | Pudsey | Roundhay | Shipley | Bingley | Selby | Skipton | Easingwold |